Monday, May 31, 2010

ManCat Memorial Day Monday

It's Memorial Day...and Monday...and I'm snoozin'...and Mom is going to stay home today and not go off day hunting...zzzzzzzzz....purrrrr.....
What?  Huh?  You lookin' at me?

Well, if you must look, take a look at my fuzzy paws!  That's the real reason mom isn't going to work today.  How could she leave these paws? 

Yeah, I know.  I got it going on!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday In The Garden With Jonesie

These pictures were taken earlier in the week.  Before the sky opened up and bucketed down rain on us.    There's nothing quite like springtime in the Pacific Northwest.  Sun, rain, sun, wind, hail...all in the same day!
Our red poppy has popped!  We don't have very many, so they are special to us.
Our foxglove garden is also doing great.  Dad loves foxgloves.  So do I.
I ended up spending some time babysitting the vegetables.  We have not yet planted the basil and parsley because mom wants the weather to be a bit warmer.  No matter what, they are going in the ground on Memorial Day weekend.   Mom's got to have her basil and I need to do whatever I can to make sure it's warm enough.  Even if I have to lend some fur to the project.
My woofie Grete is my pal.  I know I'm blowing raspberries at her in this picture...but remember that raspberries are soft and sweet.  My Grete is soft and sweet too.  She takes care of me and won't let anyone mess with me.   I'm hoping she'll help me inspect the new composter that mom and dad brought home.  I think it's a little strange, but I'll get used to it.  Anything that's good for the garden is ok by me.
After a day of work in the yard, bath time is always the best time of day.  Hope you get to enjoy your garden this weekend.  Plant some nip for me, ok?

My linkie thingie didn't work last week so hopefully it will work this week so I can see what's going on with you!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tabby Tattletale Tuesday

Hi there!  What would Tuesday be without a look at my belly floof!  It's been an interesting week.  

  Mom and dad bought an Earth Machine to compost their kitchen stuff, like banana peels and vegetable scraps.  Jonesie was kind of scared of it and she refused to pose with it.  Something about a foreign object in her garden.  I bet she loves it once she finds out compost comes out of it.  See, even I, Ginger the smart and all knowing knows something about the garden and what's good for it.
Grete woofie was a good girl and posed near the composter.  She wouldn't sit right next to it, but she was more interested in her ball than the black plastic thing.  Woofies.
Speaking of Grete...I wanted to let you in on a little known secret.  We have a big yard and, you's all one big restroom to her.   Mom and dad came up with a solution on how to deal with unpleasant...surprises.  It can be hard to locate the ::ahem:: evidence with tall grass and so much of it, so mom and dad take out little flags with them when Grete goes outside to do her business.  That way, if they can't get to it right away, they know exactly where it is.  Most importantly, I don't have to watch where I put my paws!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Meowza Monday- Cats with Jobs

I'm SO excited!  I have my very first job!  Toy tester!  I was especially thrilled for this assignment because I have been heart broken ever since my beloved "Snakeie" went to meet his maker.   Yes, after tossing my prize toy and biting on it's neck, I finally beheaded it and now it is no more.   It was one of the saddest days of my life.  Mom has tried to find a suitable replacement, but all I can do is console myself with little soft soccer balls and toy mice.  Not the same.

So when our furriends Jane and Alice needed some help testing out some toys, we immediately raised our paws.  I was amazed to see "Annie Conda" the snake!  I immediately ran to it.   I put the bitey on it's neck!   The head size and bite feel were awesome, but the body was a little to big for me to get in my mouth so I couldn't carry it around.  I walked away.
Hmmmm...what's this momma?

Woo hoo!  Bunnykick party!!!  

So momma Ellie had some advice to share on how to make the snake more, well, snakelike.   Cory gave it 4 paws up...and kicking!  We can hardly wait to see Annie Conda v2.  

Friday, May 21, 2010

Grete's Gotcha Day!

Hi there!  It's my Gotcha Day!  May is a busy month at our house with all the Gotcha Days and birthdays.  Last year my mom and dad almost forgot my special day.  This year they remembered!  You can read about my adoption here.

It's been 2 whole years since I've been here.  Since I won't be 4 years old until July, that means I've lived here in my forever home longer than I've lived anywhere else.  I still have my rescue "issues"...but really I love it here and I've settled in.  I love all my kitties and I love the graphic that Ann made for me last year.  I like it so much, I'm using it again!  

Today I'm demonstrating a move I learned from my sister Ginger...with a dash of Jonesie's garden to protect my privacy!
Life is good!  Happy Friday everyone!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday In The Garden With Jonesie

Meow!  This sure is a busy time in the garden.  I have to multitask to get it all done.  There are flowers blooming, baby vegetables growing and yard projects to snoopervise.

I'm very excited to see the little baby vegetables that mom is growing from seed.  I had to watch her put the seeds in the ground because my paws can't handle the itsy bitsy seeds.  Once they are in the ground it's my job to watch over them and keep them safe.
We have columbine growing near our poppies.  It's growing all over our yard in all sorts of colors!

You can see our rhododendron in bloom behind me as I make my way to the big construction project.

Dad has been working on the patio area for 2 years now.  I know he's kinda slow, but he does most of the work himself, with a bit of help from me and a strong friend or 2.  He had to dig up a pipe before he could put gravel down.
Now that the gravel is in, we have to wait for the stone to be delivered so I can help dad put them all in place.  One by one. 
It's important to celebrate as you complete each phase of the project.  Rolling and entertaining your humans as they work in the yard helps keep them going.  I recommend doing this as often as possible.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cory and Ellie's Gotcha Day!

It's our Gotcha Day!  Four years ago, my momma Ellie and I came to our forever home!  Last year mom wrote about our adoption and you can click here to read the story.  

We still spend most of our time together.  My momma and I like to eat leafy greens together, but we also like to wash each other. We thought you'd like to see that today!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tabby Tattletale Tuesday

The little nip plants at the base of the tree are starting to grow a bit.  They are not as good as last year's nip, but I love it anyway.  I was hoping that exposing my belly at it would inspire it to grow big and strong.
I've been thinking a lot about my woofie Grete.  She used to tease me a lot because she knew she could always get a rise out of me.  Now we are buddies.  She still sticks her nose into what I'm doing but I like it.  She's a good woofie.   Grete does not get her fair share of time on Cory's blog...and if little whippersnapper Cory won't share her spotlight, then it's up to me, Ginger The Good And Fair, to share what precious little blog time I get.

Mom abandoned us kitties to go walk Grete woofie in the park.  Mom has to spell out w-a-l-k...but it does no good.  Grete knows how to spell.  The second mom even thinks about a walkie, Grete bounces all over the place.  Today on her walkie, Grete was on special assignment.
I asked her to chase as many squirrels as she could.  Grete ignored me!  She looked at the squirrels, smiled at the squirrels and sniffed at them, but would not chase them.  Grete said it's because of the's all mom's fault she couldn't chase the squirrels.
At least she could have brought one home for me.  Is that too much to ask?  Oh all right, we have a kazillion in the yard already.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Mother Daughter Monday

We got a lot of comments and questions after our video was posted yesterday.  We are girls who love our leafy greens. 

We want to make sure we address your questions and comments.

First off, we are not buns in disguise.  In addition I have quizzed my momma Ellie well.  My daddy was not a bun.  Ellie's daddy and momma were not buns.

Yes, our mom does wash off the Swiss Chard after we've had our snack.  We think this is ridiculous since there is nothing whatsoever wrong with a little cat spit.  We are quite offended that she feels she needs to do this.  We will work on her.

Yes, what we eat in leafy greens stays down in our tummies.  We wouldn't dream of hacking up such a yummy snack.  It makes us feel good. 

No, it does not make us ::whispers:: farty!  We thought it was a well known fact that girl kitties do not fart.  We have Grete to blame for that!  Girl woofies, yes.  Girl kitties, never.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Weekend Goodies

It's the weekend and that means mom has gone to the Farmers Market to buy lots of great stuff. She brought back some Swiss Chard and before she could get it out of the bag, we had to dig right in. I mean, it's been months since the Market closed last October. Did you think we'd be polite or something like that?

We did save some for mom and dad...really we did.