Tuesday, August 7, 2018

My Final Goodbye

Hi there furriends.   I think some of you may have already heard that I went to the Rainbow Bridge on Sunday August 5th. It was a bit sudden.   I seemed pretty darn normal for a 12 year old girl, then mom noticed I wasn't eating Friday morning.   She took me right in to the doctor and they ran tests.  When the doctor wanted to make an appt to discuss my results, we knew it wasn't good.   I was diagnosed with lymphoma and my red cells were so low there was no coming back from that.  Within 2 days I was crossing over.   

So, you may also know that I haven't been posting for a very long time.   I wanted to come back and say goodbye.   Mom says that the blog will not continue (it will be left up!) without me.

For those of you who don't remember how this all started, I'll go back.   When I was very young I used to sit on dad's computer.   I figured out how to open Notepad and type out words stuff on my own.   My mom quickly figured out that I had important stuff to say so she helped me start my blog.

I came to my home when I was a tiny kitten.  My momma Ellie and I were rescued in Tillamook Oregon by the nice people with United Paws of Tillamook.  This was me on my first day home, climbing Mount Foot.

I loved my momma Ellie more than anything in the world, except for maybe nursing.   I nursed until I was almost 5 months old!

My momma Ellie and I were so close.

My mom told me that I was very photogenic so with my writing and mom's photography the blog took off.  I made so many friends over the years and had such great adventures.

I love to sing.  Mostly to socks.   Mom and dad tried to get a recording of me, leaving a microphone out with socks placed nearby.   I didn't fall for it but the microphone was very tasty.   Mom did finally get a recording of me and it was posted on my blog on the post called Films on Friday

In addition to singing, I adored cheese.  Specifically Tillamook Extra Sharp Cheddar.   

My love for cheese inspired me to borrow hijack the Tillamook Cheese Bus and fly around the world in search of cheese with my boyfriend Whitey.  This is mom's favorite picture from that adventure when we were in Whiskersconsin.  The adventure, covered over a week's worth of posts starts with the Cory's Big Adventure post.

After Whitey went to the Rainbow Bridge, I found love again with Alfie.  When his family moved from Sidmouth to the Cotswolds, I again borrowed hijacked the Tillamook Cheese bus to help him move.

Sigh, such great adventures.  I had such a wonderful life.

I want you to know that I had a great last few weeks and months.  Here I am, still enjoying my dad's thick and wonderful socks.  They were always my favorite.

This picture was taken just a week before mom knew I was sick.

Momma Ellie and I still snuggling and enjoying life.

This picture below was taken 1 day before I left.   I was always forbidden to go in the front yard.  I was always so curious about it.   Mom let me go and explore.  I was a bit wobbly, but she stayed right with me.   I was too tired to stay out long but it was awesome.

And so it comes to this.  This was my last morning.  I was pretty weak and didn't move around much.  My momma Ellie washed me.  I went to the Rainbow Bridge with my ears freshly scrubbed with love.

So goodbye everyone, it's been awesome!  My blog will remain a comfort to my family as they remember the good times.  I hope my story and adventures brought you happiness.