Monday, November 16, 2015

Mancat Monday Memories

Hello dear furriends.   This is my last goodbye from The Bridge.

I had a nice long run here with my family and I made such good friends around the world.   All of your messages of comfort have been very helpful to my family.

I started out life as a baby kitten, born to a feral momma.  I was the sole survivor of my litter.  My momma kitty, Beacon, passed away when I was only 4 months old.   The lovely humans who raised me from day 1 are friends of my mom and dad.   That's how I found my forever family.  My original name was Grady.  Mom and dad changed it to Madison.

My daddy cat wasn't feral, so I grew up being a cross between and laid back kitty and a feral one.   In my early years, I would act all normal, like the picture above...or I'd totally freak out and hide over nothing at all.   This earned me the nickname Fearless Freep.   I totally lost my feral streak later in life.

One of my secrets is that I was almost never called Madison.   I had a series of nicknames over the course of my life because no one name really captured me.

There was a time early on in my mancathood where I got to be VERY big.  Like 18 pounds of me.  My head looked little on my body.  This earned me the nickname Akebono, after a famous sumo wrestler.   For most of my adult life I was about 16 pounds.   

I was always the first at the food dish.  Even in my old age, I was always first to dive in to the Fancy Feast.

I loved my Cecilia!   We have shared a special relationship and I know she will miss me terribly.

I had such fun with my blogosphere furriends.   I have special memories of the time we all got together in the Wienermobile and traveled to Porkopolis.  You can see me with my furriends and also Ellie, Nigel, Ginger and Cecilia who joined me for the fun.

While we were traveling, I wandered away from the group and got a tattoo!

I loved being in my garden.   I loved sleeping in the bushes on warm sunny days and hanging out on the deck, sometimes forgetting to put my tongue back in my mouth.

As I got older, I became deaf and I could only go in the garden when supervised.   Mom and dad are comforted by my July post where I was able to be out in the garden.   It was only in the last couple of months that I was totally restricted inside.  I never missed a meal.  Even though I was very sick in the end, I didn't pass up chicken baby food.  

Thank you all for being my furriends.  I will see you all again at The Bridge!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Fly Free Sweet Madison

Madison left for the Rainbow Bridge this morning.   He was 19 1/2 years old.

He had a very long and wonderful life.   On Saturday morning he was unable to stand on his own.   He spent 2 days under a lot of care and evaluation at the vet.   He was in acute renal failure, plus he had a whole list of other medical issues.   It was his time.

He left this world peacefully and in the arms of his mom and dad.

I will post more memories in the next week when I am up to it.