Monday, July 28, 2014

My Cheatin' Heart

I think I'm in trouble. 
Mom has accused me of cheating on her.  You see...apparently I've been caught on "critter cam".   I've been seen leaving my yard and going over to the apartments where I have been discovered to stay for hours on end. 
Only to return for lunch and then dinner (and of course bedtime).

I don't know what to do.  Should I just admit guilt or figure out a way to disable the camera?  

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Society of Feline Gardeners- Thursday in the Garden with Jonesie

Welcome back to my garden!  I know it's been far too long since we've met.  I admit that I've been working less hours in the garden.  As I get older, I don't jump out of bed at the crack of dawn and ask to be let out.   I start my days later and come in the house earlier.  
As you can see, dad has been hard at work picking up the yard clippings just like I asked him.
The bees are happy and doing their work in my herb garden.  They love the oregano blossoms.

Did you know that we are growing wine grapes?  After years of trying we may just get enough to try and make wine.   

Dad has been learning more about how to care for them and I think it's working.  Of course everything works better when I sit by and purr.  We have pinot noir, pinot gris and chardonnay.
Ah yes, the first carrots of the year!

A garden cat's work is never done.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Up Close and Purrsonal

Oh there she goes again. 
Camera in my face

The kisses are coming. 

It's hard to get my beauty sleep sometimes but sacrifices must be made for the Pawpawrazzi.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Warrior Wednesday

I am a stealth Ninja Warrior.   I may look pampered and sweet...but just wait until dark.
No one will know where I am.  I will ignore the call of my humans...for I have Ninja business to attend to.
They will never find me.

I am stealth.

I am invisible.

And no one knows where I travel.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tragedy on Tuesday

It's a terrible and sad day.   My beloved Tillamook Cheese bus, 3 of them...have been stolen.   For real.   I did NOT have a paw in this sad turn of events.
You can read the story here:

Alfie and me in happier times.  In YUM 6, near my home in Oregon.  It has been confirmed that this very same bus is one of the missing.

Let it be known that these are not merely Cheese buses.  They are magic Cheese buses that fly and allow us to have great adventures and....and....::sob::

Every time I have "borrowed" a bus, I also pack up my things and return them home safe and sound.
I fear that a sinister force is at play here and I may never see them again.


Monday, July 14, 2014

Happy Birthday Grete!

Hi there!  It's my birthday today!  I'm 8 years young! 
Mom and dad say I'm 8 going on 6 months.   I have no idea what they mean.
So I bet you are wondering what I got for my special day.   On birthday eve, I got a bath!  I'm pretty good about the whole process...and mom and dad do a good job.  But wow, when I'm done I'm a happy girl!   Whee!
And then....oh yeah...squeaky balls!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Toes on Tuesday

I really should be tending to my garden and my mom should be helping me...however my mom is a bit of a nut.  She spends her time watching the Tour de France instead of helping me.  She spends her time painting her toesies like the winners jerseys.
She's hopeless.

I mean purrfectly wonderful gardening weather...and she's wasting it.

Hmmmm....these toe scritchies sure feel good.

Maybe the gardening can wait.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Mitten Monday

We've been having a busy and exciting summer here at Casa de Cory.   Unfortunately that means mom isn't always available to take my photo and help be my secretary.
First she went off to "play"...really?  Why can't she just play with me?
Then we had some serious drama.   Our gas range went haywire!   The thermostatomagigamathingie broke and mom thought the oven turned itself off...but NO!  It went on full blast.
Our house filled with smoke!  The smoke detectors went off, then our fire alarm went off...Grete was barking her head off (for the record it did not help)...and the chick-hen that was baking in the oven....well the dish it was baking in shattered!   You know what that means.   I didn't get to eat the chick-hen.   Luckily my daddy is smart and he shut off the gas.  Whoa.
Then the nice firemen came...
You know I can meow about it now.  I was SO freaked out that I made myself REALLY small.
Mom couldn't find me until after it was all over and we were all safe (except for the chick-hen).
Whew!   All us kitties and Grete are safe.  Mom and dad are safe...the house is safe.
But the gas range?   Not so much.   We will be getting a new one soon.