Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tuesday Tattle Tails

Cory: Pssst....guess what we figured out this week? Nigel: I know, we were all a bit shocked.

Ginger: I had no idea that the truth would be so....funny!
Ellie: Not everyone can have it all like I do.

Bennette: Ok, stop it! I do not have a tiny tail! Do not!!!


Monday, June 29, 2009

Man Cat Monday

Uh oh. Looks like mom had her toes "done". You know what that means... Time for me to put the "Man" in man-i-cure.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Easy Like Sunday Morning- Sleeping Beauties

This was such a hard week. We are grateful that Bennette is such a big personality that any change in her behavior is pretty obvious. We still do not know exactly what caused her illness, but we suspect some sort of kitty flu bug. We may never know, but we are grateful that she seems to be getting back to normal, trying to do normal Bennette things. We are certain all the purring on Bennette's behalf helped her recovery.

We are all exhausted and we are going to nap. We didn't get much sleep during the week so we will make up for it now.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday in the Garden with Jonesie

Now that Bennette seems to be on the mend, I can get back to my day in the garden. It was the first big harvest of the season. Mom harvested a big pile of nip so she could hang it to dry. We still have plenty of nip growing in the nip patch. We're hoping we'll have nip all year around if we dry it since it dies off outside during the winter. The pile of nip is so big it almost hides Ginger. It is now all bundled up and hung way up high so none of us can get to it while it dries. Mom hopes to put it in vacuum seal bags to keep it fresh and potent!

We had our first day lily of the season make an appearance.

I hung out in the garden on moms lap to watch the eggplant grow. Dad has been at war with the slugs. Mom's beer method isn't working because it keeps raining and diluting her cheap beer.

I think I'm done staring at the eggplant. I'll just hang out with mom.
Meanwhile, look who's trying to get out to the garden! Just because you ate a little bit more food doesn't mean you are 100% yet. Bennette scared us all this week, but now that she's feeling a bit better she thinks she can just go about her business. She ate more kibble and is increasing how much canned food she is eating. Not so fast Tuxie girl. You can beg all you want Bennette, but it will be awhile before you get to go out!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Formerly Feral Friday

It's about time we got our Fridays back! Our sister Bennette seems to be getting a bit better so mom said we could get back to our Friday posts. If there is any breaking news on Bennette we promise to update for her. It's been a long week, so TGIF! We hope to get back to catching up with our friends this weekend too. Cecilia: Gimme that tail Madison!!!

Madison: Play with your own tail!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Thursday Update

Hi everyone, Bennette here. I'm still feeling pretty lousy. I am home now. I was a stinker and I pulled out my IV catheter at the v-e-t. I may feel rotten, but I still got cattitude. This is a picture from a few weeks ago because I didn't want mom sticking a flashy box in my face when I feel icky.

I have not thrown up again, and I ate a little bit at the v-e-t, but I have not eaten anything at home. I mostly want to sleep. I have to go back in to the v-e-t for a recheck in the morning. Mom and Dad want me to eat something so I don't have to be checked back in again. I am in my own room so they can monitor what I do. Thank you for the purrs and prayers. I think I need all I can get so I can get back to my gig being a trouble maker.


I was a good girl at the v-e-t. I hopped out of my carrier and explored the room and tried to open up a cupboard. I'm getting back to being me. I ate a little bit of some stinky sardine food the v-e-t gave me and I've given a few licks to the baby food and Natural Balance turkey and giblets. My mom and dad have put out a spread for me...and what do I do? I ate a couple of bites of my kibble. I'm not eating a lot, but it's a start. I really appreciate all the purrs. Knowing that you are all thinking of me makes me feel so good.

Wordy Wednesday

This started out to be a wordless Wednesday but mom just got home from the emergency v-e-t. When mom and dad got home from work, Bennette was throwing up foamy stuff...and she had been sleeping a lot the last couple of days. Mom opened a can of stinky goodness, and Bennette turned her nose up at it, then turned her back on mom. It was too late to go to the regular v-e-t so Bennette was packed up and taken to the emergency place right away. Bennette was very dehydrated so she is now hooked up to IV fluids. Her x-ray was normal, so now they will take some blood and hopefully our feisty girl will be home with us soon. Send some purrs her way. She has to stay the night but hopefully she can come home first thing in the morning.


Bennette is still on IV fluids and didn't want to eat baby food this morning. Good news is no more vomiting and she spiked a fever over night but it's now back in the normal range. She will be moved from the emergency v-e-t to her regular doctor this morning. Thank you for the purrs.

***Another UPDATE***

Bennette responded to her appetite stimulant this afternoon and she ate some food. She will be able to come home tonight but will have to go back to the v-e-t for a recheck in the morning. Jonesie has agreed to give up her Thursday garden post so we can continue to focus on our Bennette.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday Toysday!

A toy tree...a cherry tree! There is no difference.
It's true! Toys do grow on trees! What's even better is that it's my most favorite toy, I mean fruit in the whole wide world. Cherries!!!! I only get them for a couple of weeks a year and then when they are gone, I pout. But for those 2 weeks or so in June, I am the happiest kitty around.

PS...we have more fun pictures at Wendy's LOL today. Go visit!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday Momma Meezer Tales

Cory: Momma, where do toys come from?

Ellie: What do you mean? Toys come from all sorts of places, like the pet store, or furriends mailing them to us or from the Internet. Cory: I want to know where they come from before that momma. I want to know because Jonesie told me that toys grow on trees.

Ellie: Well baby girl, it's a well kept secret, but it's true. Jonesie is right about this one, toys actually do grow on trees.Cory: Wha?

Ellie: Yes, it's true. Mom can you confirm this for our Cory?
Cory: Do you mean toys DO grow on trees???
To be continued....
PS....go check us out at Wendy's LOL Spot today!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Easy Like Sunday Morning

I'm looking forward to a relaxing Sunday. I had an ordeal yesterday. Yes, Saturday sucked. I was thinking life was good because I got my sun room back. Mom and dad finished up sealing all the tile, my perch is back near the window and comfy chairs are all back in place. So there I was enjoying it all when they grabbed me and stuffed me in the cat carrier and hauled me off to the v-e-t.I was not going quietly. I hollered and yowled the whole way. I hollered in the waiting room. My partner in this trip was Jonesie. Turns out we both needed shots. Cecilia was supposed to go but she could not be captured. I need to take lessons from her. I ended up taking some lessons from Jonesie because she is a pro at going to the v-e-t. They let me watch her first so I could see how it was done. They even called her a "sweetheart". Turns out there was a note in my chart about needing to be "boxed" for any of my exams because I was such a terror when I was first captured. Now that I'm on Prozac and have had a chance to live the good life, I was allowed to be examined with my Daddy holding me. They gave me my shot and I did fine thank you very much. They said I was a good boy. See, I'm not a terror.
Once I got back home I ran right to my sun room. I will stay here now and enjoy my Sunday.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday Snuffles

Hi, have you missed me? My sister Cory and her momma Ellie have been hogging my past couple of Friday posts. What's a guy got to do to get equal time?

I had a hard week. I was sneezing and snuffling again and I got stuffed in a box and hauled off to the v-e-t. They gave me another antibiotic shot and some antihistamine to keep my nose in check. I'm doing better now. I've always had sinus issues, but I think I got a major dose of kitty hay fever! Achoo!!!! I'm breathing easier now. I heard a rumor that I'm not the only one to go to the v-e-t this week. Today 2 more get to go...Nigel needs shots and my girlfriend Cecilia needs shots too. I'm not sure my mom and dad can get her in a box. Should be quite interesting.

Friday, June 19, 2009

International Box Day

We don't have too many boxes around here, but just enough that we could participate in International Box Day!I think we need more boxes around here! At least ours aren't made of ticky tacky and they don't look just the same.
Happy Friday!!!