Friday, April 29, 2011

National Hairball Awareness Day!

We were invited by Romeo The Cat to participate in a fun event to celebrate National Hairball Awareness Day.

I immediately said yes...well...because I'm a furry furry guy and we  have 9 kitties here and we're all rather furry in very different ways.  We already had a Furminator that we love, but for participating we received a new Furminator which is special for long haired BIG cats!  I'm a big boy with long long furs.  I weigh in at 15+ pounds...and counting (that's what my mom says).  So to  have a special Furminator especially for me was awesome.  My  brother Nigel could also use it too.

Yeah...admire my furry belly.  Everyone does.

Mom went to work "furminating" us.  It took her hardly anytime at all to get this pile of furs.  We all contributed.  Mom spent about 2-3 minutes on each of us.  Can you imagine if that pile of furs ended up in our bellies?  The Furminator  protects us so we don't have get this in our belly and get constipated or gack up huge hairballs all over the house.

So now the fun part.  Out of this pile of fur, my mom was asked to create a fun fur creature.  She initially thought she'd make a panda bear out of my black and white furs, but then changed her mind.

She was staring at the big pile and asked my dad the first thing that popped into his mind when he saw the fur pile.

Let's see if you can guess...

Yup...ZZ "fur" Top!!!

Sing along with me...."She's got furs...she knows how to use it...."

So the even better part is that there are 25 of us kitties participating and Romeo The Cat will be doing a drawing on April 30th to determine whose rescue organization will win a $500 FURminator donation and whose rescue organization gets to be Romeo's May FURPOWER recipient.  That is MAJOR cool! We are joining paws and purring that we get selected because we'd love to see United Paws of Tillamook get some much needed support.  They saved Ellie and Cory's lives and we are forever grateful.  They continue to do amazing work helping kitties and some woofies too.

You can see the other fur creatures at the PeoplePets website.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Society of Feline Gardeners- Thursday in the Garden with Jonesie

::3 paw taps::

Welcome back to my garden.  We had 1 day of sunny weather last week.  We took full advantage!  Cory and Ellie spent their time rolling around on our deck.  This is me looking up at them.

Figaro and I had better things to do.  We are not yet able to plant any of our vegetables.  It's still way too wet and cold.  We have had hardly any days of weather above 55 degrees.  We're afraid if we plant little baby plants, they will rot.  That would be too sad.

Figaro thinks that it makes sense to look cool.  I have no idea how that is helpful, but he said if he does this it keeps mom and dad out in the garden for longer periods of time.  It works.

I walked away from him and he followed me.  He still knows that he needs to stick with me if he's to learn anything about gardening.  Our Solomon's Seal is starting to look healthy and green.  Soon it will get little white/green flowers.

I helped mom research it on the web and this is what she found out:

Solomon's Seal is edible and medicinal, the young edible shoots are an excellent vegetable when boiled and eaten like Asparagus.

Can you believe mom and dad have been growing this for years and had no idea they could eat the stuff!

You're welcome mom and dad.

They have not been brave enough to try it yet.

I admit that I'm getting tired of all the soggy dreary rain we've been getting.  I know I've meowed about having patience, but I'm beginning to run out.  I even voluntarily stayed inside the house last Sunday. cat.  Lover of the great outdoors, queen of my yard.

Yes, the warm couch has been looking really good.

My one sunny day will have to be enough to sustain me until REAL spring arrives.  Whenever that is.

Hope you are getting some sunbeams in your garden!

Please leave a link so all of our garden pals can visit.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Take Back Tuesday

Everyone in my family thought it was funny that they took over the blog last week and I didn't get to be in any of the posts.  It's my blog.  Mine.  I don't mind sharing, but now it's back to me.

We had one glorious day of beautiful weather last week.  That meant DECK TIME!!!!  Woo hoo!  I haven't been out on the deck getting fresh air since last year.

I rolled and I purred and I chirped.

My momma Ellie and I stuck our paws and heads through the railing and freaked my mom out.

I would never jump.  I just love being able to soak up the sunbeams and warm my furs.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Mitten Monday- Cat Drinking Fountain Review

What's this?

Mom, is this the drinking fountain that was sent to us from Thirsty Cat Fountains?

It is!  This is cool! 

Keith, the nice man at Thirsty Cat Fountains, asked us if we'd like to try out one of his handmade drinking fountains.  We said YES!

  Before I was born, mom had tried the plastic drinking fountains that are available in the pet stores and mom said our kitties didn't like them at all.  Mom thinks the plastic fountains are quite unattractive and they got clogged up with cat hair too easily.  We were very interested in checking out a fountain that is beautiful and won't clog up.

When it arrived, mom filled it up with water and plugged it in.   She thought it was awesome that there are seashells that cover up the cords and stuff.  At first we were all super afraid of it.  I mean, mom took away our regular water bowl and replaced it with this beauty that bubbles.  It took a week for me to approach it. 

My brother Figaro dived right in.  As far as he was concerned it was love at first, drink.  Of course Figaro will jump in the sink and stands out in the pouring rain.  He likes water.

Mom loves the sound of it since it's a gentle bubbling sound.  The other thing mom loves is that it is handmade right here in the US of A.  Mom prefers to buy products locally...she likes to think she is a locavore and wants to support local or homegrown business whenever possible.  In addition, this fountain is beautiful handmade ceramic and not plastic like other popular cat fountains. 

We do drink out of it now, even though it took a couple of weeks for most of us.  The water level goes down WAY faster than our regular bowl.

We suggest giving any new food bowl, water bowl or fountain time for the family to adjust.  We were initially afraid of the fountain (except for Figaro).  Mom tried move it to various locations around the house to see what would work best.  We finally decided that it worked best where our old water bowl was.

Thank you Keith for letting us try it out.  Please go visit his Etsy site where you'll find lots of beautiful handmade ceramic fountains and food bowls. 

As a special offer on his Etsy site, Keith is giving a 10% discount on orders if you type in "corycat" (all lowercase) in the coupon code box when you check out.
**I was provided this beautiful fountain free of charge to review it. 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Society of Feline Gardeners- Thursday in the Garden with Jonesie

::3 paw taps::

Welcome back to my garden.  The work is starting to really pick up around here. After a very slow start to spring, with cold temperatures and never ending rain, we finally got a break this past weekend.  It even warmed up into the low 60's!

Dad had a big project going and he needed my help.  He wanted to put some sod over a patch of non-grass that was just weeds and stuff.  I tried to help him figure out exactly how much sod to buy, but for some reason he didn't listen to me.
He dug out the area and put the rolls of sod nearby.  Once down he asked that I paw over it to make sure it was all patted down nice and firm.  That's an important step in the process and you don't want to miss it.

Once dad had the sod in, I walked the perimeter to show him that he messed up.  He didn't have quite enough sod.  He made some excuse about putting grass seed in the peat moss to "blend" it in with the existing grass.  I'm not sure I agree with this plan.

We'll have to see in a couple of weeks how it all works out.  Baby grass might be fun to watch grow. 

I have so many other parts of the garden to snoopervise that I really shouldn't concern myself with a few blades of grass.

Mom's favorite daisies are just starting to bloom!

The magnolia tree has blossoms just waiting to pop!

The wild bleeding heart is more purple this year.  Last year it was kind of pink.  Purple makes me purr.

Be sure to leave a link so all of our garden pals can visit you!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Woofie Wednesday

Hi there!  I'm laughing because we've successfully hijacked the blog from Cory this week.  The weather turned sunny and amazing so mom brought the camera outside and took a bazillion photos. 

Corywhippersnapper doesn't come outside so she missed out.  I do love her lots and even share my woofie food with her, but this photo shoot is all about ME!

Dad throws the ball for me.  I love my ball and I let dad know how much I appreciate him humoring me endlessly.  I've not had much ball time lately because of the pouring rain and excessive mud...but now that it's sunny and green....let's go!

I had an amazing time in the yard. 
Do you think Cory will let me post every Wednesday?  That's not too much for a woofie to ask, is it?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tabby Tattletale Tuesday

Mom got a new camera lens this past weekend.  Being the good girl I am, I let her practice on me.   Do you know how patient I had to be?  I rolled.  I purred.  I looked dramatic.  I looked loving.  She said "give me passion...I gave her passion".  She said "give me love...I gave her love". 


No matter what I do, I look amazing.  She should know that.

I was born to be a plus-sized cat model.

So, to give you an update on my mom...she sliced her thumb last week and she had to have stitches.  She gets them out today so hopefully that will put an end to her complaining and get her back to her regular full time duties catering to our every whim.

Monday, April 18, 2011

ManCat Monday

Hi there!  Madison here!  Thought you might have forgotten about me since it's been like...forever since I got to post.  Mom says that pictures of me outside are much more flattering than my indoor photo ops.  This past weekend was the first nice weekend of the entire year!  I let my mom know exactly what I thought about being stuck inside for so long.

Not that I mind being inside.  I actually refused to go outside until the sun came out and the weather warmed up.  I'm a fair weather ManCat.

Mom reminded me that my birthday is coming up next month.  Did you know I'll be 15 years young?  I'm still quite fat robust.  Mom says I don't look a day over 10.  I move quite a bit slower than I used to move but I've never been fast.  I like living life at my own pace.

My girlfriend Cecilia likes to go outside but is also a fair weather girl.  She will go outside without  me even if it's a bit icky but she's back inside pretty quick.  I think the sunbeams make her fur look gorgeous.

I always think she looks gorgeous.