Thursday, August 30, 2012

Society of Feline Gardeners- Thursday in the Garden with Jonesie

I've been enjoying the dry warm days of late summer.  The weather has been purrfect!  Mom picked some of the basil I grew and she made a batch of pesto.  She thanked me since it wouldn't have been possible without my garden paw and tender loving care.
Which brings me to a point...
 You may have read the nonsense posted by my brothers earlier this week, all claiming to be mom's favorite.   I hate to burst their bubble, because I'm nice that way, but I know the truth.
Mom loves ME best!  Not that I like to brag or anything. I'm a rather modest cat and I don't much like the attention.  I prefer to be low key.  My purr is tender and sweet.  You may not know this but I too sing to toys in the middle of the night.  It's not just Cory.  I don't sing opera, but I sing light pop...very sweet and not very complicated.
 I love my garden and all the plants and bugs and trees and grass all love me.  I spend my days in the garden, but come in before dark.  I play a game with mom and dad and I pretend I don't want to come in.  I let them chase me for a few seconds and then I flop and make them carry me inside.  I would hate to spend the night outside. 
I was homeless once and I know what it feels like to be alone in the dark.  I hated it.
So not only does my mom love me best, my dad loves me best and the best of all?  Grete loves me best too!  As my good pal Alfie Marshall would say...Fact!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wordy Wednesday

 Hi there pals!  I heard that yesterday Ginger and Madison caused a fuss because they claimed to be mom's favorite.  Well guess what?
They're wrong!!!
Oh yeah, that's right because...::shhh:: don't tell anyone...but I'm mom's favorite!
Mom tells me so all the time!  I'm her most favorite beefy black house panther boy on the planet! 
 She adores me because when I came to live here I was a total basket case.  So afraid of everything and everyone.   But not anymore!  Now I hang out with the other kitties and while I am invisible to ALL but mom and dad, I know that mom waits for me at night and I alone snuggle up with her and mash my cute and mighty nose into her hands.  Ok, I grind my nose as hard as I can into my mom.  That's how much we love each other.  Sometimes I drool.   Mom says I have the softest manfur and I am her sweet and gentle boy.
I used to be outside and alone and now I won't go near a door.  I still worry that if I go outside I might never get back in. 
And that breaks mom's heart.  She would do anything to protect me.
That's why I know she loves me best.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tabby Tattletale Tuesday

Hey there pals!  Last week furriends of ours posted about how each and every one of their family is special and unique. 
I thought I'd do my own take on know.
Why I'm my mom's favorite!
Of course each and every one of us thinks WE are the favorite...but I KNOW it's ME!
No one can grind the leaves and dirt into their furs like I can.  I'm smart, sassy and give the best bear hugs in the world.  Did you know that I also give kissies at the same time I'm giving bear hugs?   Even though I'm a big beefy mancat, I have a squeaky little meow.  I love being brushed.   When mom calls me I come running like a woofie.  I also was smart enough to pick my own name.  When I was first rescued, Mom bought a bag of gingersnaps from the store and every time she talked about the cookies I responded.  I love my name.
 Hey wait a minute Ginger...I'm mom's favorite! 
HA!  No way Madison, it's ME!
Nuh-uh Ginger...I'll tell you why...
I've been with mom for 16 whole years now and mom says that she loves me every day but not as much as she'll love me tomorrow since she'll love me another whole days worth.  I got 16 years worth on you!  She loves the way I waddle around and holler and stuff over nothing.  I'm handsome and I love to be brushed WAY more than anyone...I come running when I see the Furminator.   I used to be kinda goofy and semi-feral, but now I let mom pick me up and kiss on me whenever she wants.   Mom adores the way I snore.  I've always snuffled and snored since I was a baby kitten.   It's adorable.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Hi there!  I know this is a silly picture of me, but mom says I'm silly sometimes.
In honor of my furriend Brulee's 1st Birthday today, a bunch of my furriends and I are going to the party.  It's a circus theme, so we are all dressed as clowns.  Can you tell which one is me?  How about my boyfurriend Alfie (yes he's there too)?
Hope to see you at the party!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Society of Feline Gardeners- Thursday in the Garden with Jonesie


Welcome back to my garden furriends!  The weather here has been beautiful.  After HOT temperatures last week, we are now enjoying lovely weather in the 70's.  My kind of purrfect gardening weather.
 Look and see what's coming up!  Onions!  I think dad didn't plant them deep enough because now they are poking their heads out of the ground.  Even I can paw at them.  Next year I'll use my paws to show dad the proper planting depth.

 Dad said we can dig them up together this coming weekend.  That will be so much fun!

  I know that Figaro tried to tell you how helpful he is to my daddy...but everyone knows that my daddy couldn't function in the garden without me.  I know every blade of grass and when every apple falls...did you know that Figaro climbed WAY up in the willow tree this week?  How helpful is that?   Mom thought she might have to call the fire dept...but then he got his furry butt down himself.
 Here's an example...see a section of our Devils' Walking Cane tree came down.  Here is Figaro just lying there.  Hanging out.  Slacker.
 If he were a truly useful garden cat he'd inspect closer and go to the base of the tree so dad would know where to look for trouble.  

I will keep trying to educate Figaro so he can one day take over for me.  I'm not getting any younger and I would love it if I could leave some of the heavy garden work to him.

And for all of you kitties who were wondering about Grete yesterday...does she get treats, handouts...bitesies at the table?  Of course she does!  She always gets at least one taste of dinner but she has to sit and eat it like a lady.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Manly Tuxie Tuesday

Us guys like to hang out together.  Me and my daddy do lots of stuff in the matter what Jonesie says.  I'm super helpful.  Only I can do the manly things that must be done.

I found an apple on the baby Honey Crisp apple tree.  I pointed it out to my dad.  Do you know what he did?  He said I was a good boy and he offered to share his beer.

Only manly cats get invited to do that.  I'm 3 now so that means I'm an adult.  Even if Jonesie thinks I'm 3 going on 1.

Not that I'd drink the beer.  It's getting the invite that's important.  Niptinis for me.

 But when the day is done, it's my daddy that gives the best rides back in the house.

Us guys got to stick together.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Mitten Monday

It's a letter from my special boyfurriend Alfie!!!   Mom!!!!  Why didn't you tell me!!!  I can feel it's from him...I can feel it in my paws.  I can smell his furs.  I can see his pawprint!!!
And LOOOOOOKKKIEEEE at the stamps!  Gold medal winning rowers!  From Alfie's Great Britain!  OOOooooohhhh so exciting!
 Wha????  You mean this arrived a couple of days ago?   Mom!!!!   Here's a raspberry for you.   You think waiting for a photo op is more important that giving me MY MAIL!!!?
 Oh alright.  I forgive you.  Can I sleep with this under my pillow?

Thank you so much Alfie...and of course your wonderful mom and awesome brother Milo!  I love you all.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Society of Feline Gardeners- Thursday in the Garden with Jonesie


Ok, what's up in the garden today?
We have something going on but I'm NOT in the mood to discuss it.  I'm a bit hissed off.

But enough about that for now...I've got plants to inspect.
My eggplant is coming along nicely.  I think mom will be pleased.
So back to being hissed off.  You can see my ears tell the story.  It's a certain Tuxie boy's birthday today.  He' years old.   What a pest!  He thinks that because it's his birthday he can do WHATEVER he wants.  Including pouncing on me.
Jerk! I mean...oh never mind. 
Yeah, go ahead...act casual and innocent.  It's your birthday.  I'll let you get away with it today.
I'm going back to smelling my roses.

Our Figgy arrived in our garden when he was about 6 months old.  He apprenticed with me in the garden for months before he officially became a member of our family.  We love him dearly, even if he is a pest.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tabby Tattletale Tuesday

 I love my brother Madison.   He's old and he dodders around, but he does alright for being 16.  I hope I'm doing as well as he is when I'm his age. 
 He wandered over to the birdbath water bowl to take a drink.  Why is it that I had no interest in the dish until I saw him drinking out of it.  Age before...uh...whatever...
 Move over dude...
You did not see me push my brother out of the way. Nope.  Not at all.
I actually shared with him.  Really I did. matters of fun this week...there was a line up at the outdoor food dish.  Cecilia, followed by Figaro followed by Madison.  It turned into a butt sniffing conga line!  Ha!