Sunday, February 28, 2010

Easy Sunday

Since it's Sunday I don't know whether I should blog or wash.  Since dad is "driving", I'll just dictate to him while I wash.

Uh dad, there's a typo...

Good help is hard to find.  I sure hope he doesn't expect extra purrs for working on a Sunday!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Friends on Friday in the Garden

Hi again garden fans!  I love my leafy compost pile.  It stays warm even when it's a bit cold outside. Today I get to introduce you to my new trees.  I also have a new garden friend, associate, neighbor and mentee.  Dad calls her Freeta Bandeeta (I know he's odd) because she is a neighbor cat but we don't really know her real name.  She just comes by to apprentice with me in the garden.
Here I am showing Freeta how to snoopervise without really letting dad know I'm watching.

Freeta is learning the inspection process well.  After dad puts the trees in the ground, Freeta assists by pressing down the dirt with her paws.  I'm so proud of her.  We've been having a very lovely winter so lots of the neighbor cats are coming out to play.  Freeta is the only one who is showing any promise as a garden cat.

Dad had 3 trees to plant and we snoopervised each and every one.   We got 2 apricot trees and one peach tree.  They are varieties that are supposed to do well in the Northwest but we are not at all sure they will live.  Part of being a good garden cat is purring hard for the trees so they will live and give us fruit to whap.  Cory should be very interested in the little apricots.

One last hole to dig then it's TGIF party time! 

 Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that I had some fun last night.  It was dusk and mom wanted to bring me inside. Dad had just seen me minutes before, but I was...poof!...gone.   Dusk turned to dark, out came the flashlights, mom calling, dad calling. They rechecked the whole house...back out in yard more calling, more flashlights.  It was awesome!  Then dad finally looked in the sleeping basket on our deck...2 feet from the back door.  I was snoozing there the whole time, watching all the excitement.  Sometimes it's fun to yank their chain a bit.  I mean they could have checked there first, right?  With a hint of spring in the air, let the games begin!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday in the Garden with Jonesie

Sometimes there is work to be done in the yard other than gardening. Hard to believe, but it's true.  It's important that I remain flexible to give assistance to my dad whenever he needs it.

What's that mom?  You have a special assignment for me? 

Oh dear, I've got to snoopervise my dad digging up the septic tank.  Yuck!  Ok, it's a tough job but someone's got to do it.

Time to move on. I think I need to smell some of our Winter Daphne now. 

I found some carrots that stayed in the ground over the winter.  I made sure that mom dug them all up so they woudn't go to waste.  I'm positive she would have forgotten all about these little gems if I didn't remind her. I think she has found the last of them.  A good garden cat has got to be able to multi-task!  That's why I was so successful at Biathlon in last weeks Cat-O-Lympics!

Guess what?  Mom says I can post again tomorrow because I have a special surprise to share.    There are a few new additions to our garden and some unexpected help!

Please leave a link and let me know what's been happening in your garden.  Even if you've been snowed in or rained on!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tabby Tattletale Tuesday

It has come to my attention that some non-tabbys out there are trying to sit in sun patches to gain the beautiful bold stripes they naturally lack.  Even Cory whippersnapper was trying to do it...but guess what?  She failed!  I thought I'd rub it in and go for the double stuff today...kind of like a double stuff cookie only more beautiful.

Meanwhile, I've had to suffer through the Olympics.  The only good part is that mom is spending more time sitting on the couch watching it all which means more lap time for all of us.  I had no interest in competing for a sport since adorable belly exposing wasn't an event.  That is my specialty.  Maybe they'll add it for the 2012 games.

We are all still locked out of the bathroom.  The toilet is back but mom and dad said something about way more to do in there and Cory keeps trying to run in there to nom on plastic bags and stuff.  She's a bit nutty, I mean naughty.  Mom fusses over her and says how cute and adorable she is.  Makes me want to hack up a hairball.

Grete woofie goes back to the v-e-t for her check up this week.  She has been on limited leash walking after her incident of being roughed up at the dog park.  She's making us all crazy because she wants to play and doesn't understand why she can't cut loose.  I would say purr for her, but really I want you to purr for me because she's been so annoying.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Mother Daughter Monday

Cory:  What do you want to do today momma?

Ellie:  You know, I'm tired of Jonesie getting all the credit for the garden.  We help too!  What would mom and dad do without us to inspect the seeds and stuff?

Cory: The baby onions sure smell interesting.  The seeds are cool too!

They are fun to whap!

Ellie:  Oh dear Cory, they are not toys.  We're supposed to be helpful if we're going to share any credit with Jonesie.

Cory:  Huh?

Friday, February 19, 2010

Fed Up Friday

I'm getting tired of the Olympics.   Everyone here is trying to compete for the gold.  They're practicing icecube hockey, power napping, biathlon this and luge that.  I'm sick of it!  Even my Tabby Tattletale Tuesday has been interrupted rudely.  More than sick of it...I'm hissed off.

Give me a beer.  Where's the remote?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursday In The Garden With Jonesie- Olympic Edition

Mom, can I enter the Cat-Olympics?  I think I can win a medal in Biathlon.  The combination of  twig play and kleening machine is too much for most cats to handle but I think I got a shot.

It's hard to get the twig under control.  It takes good paw mouth coordination.  It takes years to purrfect this so young kittens typically don't do as well in this event.

I know this looks like fun, but it's really hard to make it look this easy.

You can show the twig no mercy.

When you have a chance to put the bitey on, you gotta go for it.

Got it!!!

It's ok to celebrate your victory over the twig.  I do it all the time!  You can see how tough this was by all the grasses stuck in my paws.  This is why the second half of the event is so important.

Gotta clean those paws.  A Kleen machine is what separates the cats from the kittens.  
Please leave a link and let me know what's happening in your garden...or your  Cat-O-Lympic event!  Don't forget to visit the Olympic village over at Fin's place.  And guess what?  Not only can you catch up on all the action in the CB, Cory is playing Fin in Ice Cube Hockey so don't miss out on the action at Fin's!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cat-Olympics Day 2- Tuesday Triple Threat

Today we take no prisoners.  Today we compete in 3 separate but very challenging events.

First up, Ellie in her BunnyKicking Olympic debut.  Not many cat-athletes are multi-sport champions, but Ellie is the master of the bunnykick, power napping and the ultra competitive synchronized snooze.  The crowd goes crazy for her combo bitey-kicky moves.

Before we move on to synchronized napping, Grete is ready to go in her main event, Snow Jumping.  What technique!  She even looks like she's having fun!  Don't let that fool you into thinking this is easy.

Now on to the main event of the day, Cory and Ellie in Synchronized Snoozing.  

Don't forget to tune into what all the other competitors are doing!  Stay dialed into all the excitement over at Fin's place!