Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tabby Tattletale Tuesday- Alien Invasion

Have I got news to share!  I know you haven't heard from me in long time...but wow!   I had a scary time of it in the past few days.

I know it's hard to believe, but aliens invaded my brains!   I freaked out.   

Mom thought I was having a seizure.  My head was all in a funny position, I was scared!   When mom scooped me up to put me in the carrier thingie to take me to the emergency vet place....I lost it!   I pooped EVERYWHERE.

And then mom got a different carrier and I pooped in that one too!

So when I got to the v-e-t place they looked in my ears to look inside my brains to see if they could see the aliens.    All I know is that I stopped being so scared...the vet said that he could give me some anti-alien juice and hopefully they will go away and find another planet to invade.

They even gave me a butt bath which I rather enjoyed.

I'm so cute you can see why the aliens invaded me.

***A note from the mom***

Ginger was all freaked because he thought he had aliens in his head.   I really thought he might be having a seizure he was so dramatic about it.   After examination at the emergency vet he was diagnosed with a mild ear infection.   He seems to be more comforted when I call his antibiotics "anti-alien juice".  

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Happy Birthday Cory!

Hi there!   Did you know it's my Birthday today?  No April Fools!   

Well...mom says that it's a best guess of when my real birthday was.   I was such a weensy kitten when my human mom met us.  I didn't know one day from another back then.

Of course my birthday would not be possible without my Momma Ellie.  The best mother in the whole wide world!

Since she decided to roll, I'm gonna do it too.  

Because I can. 

My mom of course has to post a picture of me climbing Mount Foot.  This was the first day I came home with my humans.  I still adore all things socks.  Nothing much has changed. 

Do you know I'm now 9 years old!  I still feel like a kitten.

I'm purring that you stopped by to say meow and hello today.