Monday, February 28, 2011

Cory's Big Adventure!

I've been longing to go to the place where it all happens...where the cheese is made.  I sure wish my Whitey could be here with me to share this adventure.  But what's this?

A cheese bus?  A magic cheese bus?  Hey maybe they won't mind if I sat in it and dreamed of Whitey and cheese.

Whoa!  This thing moves!  And it flies!!!!  How do this???  I think I better close my eyes and wish it to take me to my Whitey.... hey look!!!!

I'm in Georgia!   Whitey can't be too far now!

Whoa...there's the swamp!

I better purr for a soft landing! 

Whitey...are you...uh...home?

Whitey:   O mai goodness my Cory Mitten Kitten!  Mai thought I heard a cheese song!

Cory:  ::chirp:: Uh no, I was hollering for a soft landing!  Do you want to come fly with me to see the world, looking for cheese in the magic cheese bus?

Whitey:  Mai Cory, of course I'll join you!

To be continued.....

Friday, February 25, 2011

Formerly Feral Friday

I love it when the sunbeams return.  I sit on my cat tree and look out the window and make air biscuits with my paws. 
Madison here!  I've missed all of you, but I've been hanging out and keeping Cecilia company.   I let Cecilia have the tree all to herself because I'm nice that way (and I've never been a climber even when I was a baby kit).

Happy Friday!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday In The Garden with Jonesie


You know it's been awhile since we've changed the super secret password.   We should probably change it up.  I want to be sensitive to our woofie pals and saying "purrr" is kinda hard for them.   Grete and I had a heart to heart chat.

The new password is not a word at's ::3 paw taps:: 

All garden cats and woofies can do it.

This past weekend was amazing with sunbeams to enjoy.  The grass is starting to grow and it's tasting great!

Grete got lots of ball play time. That makes her very happy.

We were joined in the garden by our fair weather friends...the shadows.  The big one is a bit odd with a tiny little head and a big ol' shadow body.   Grete and I were not afraid even though they haven't been around in awhile.

I checked out the weeds in the garden beds.

Then I settled into the best place in the yard to sit, my daddy's lap!

I'm a bit worried because the weatherperson (who is mostly wrong) is predicting snow and cold temperatures headed our way by Thursday.  The plants who are waking up are in for a not so nice surprise, so please purr that they survive.

The winter daphne just started to bloom.

The andromeda bush is waking up.  

I hope they will be alright. 

Please leave a link so everyone can visit!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuxie Tuesday Copycats

We had a glorious weekend.  Lots of sunshine and good times in the yard.  I discovered that the lid to the garbage can hold a wee bit of heat so I immediately claimed it and started rolling.

Garbage cans are so much more than just holding garbage.  I was basking in the sunbeams minding my own business when I saw Remington.  Now Remington is a furriend and neighbor.  I like him and all that.  But must he copy me in everything I do?

Hey buddy, I figured out the garbage can lid secret first!

Oh he's pulling one of my signature handsome mancat moves. 

I'm outta here.  Mom, don't fall for it!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Easy Mitten Monday

I love long 3-day weekends.  It means mom has more time to fuss over me.  Feed me cheese.

  Life is good!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Annual Purrfurmance Review

It's that time of year again.  Time for us kitties and woofie to review our mom's purrfurmance for 2010.  I rounded up all my siblings and gathered their feedback...then we calibrated her against what we're seeing other cat moms and dads are doing with our furriends blogs.

So here goes:

Quantity of output- Mom only helps us post about 4 times per week.  This is way down from when I first started.  I mean how hard is it to post a sleepy picture of one of us for Sunday posts?   2 swats (for declining purrfurmance)

Quality of output- We actually purr at some of the things mom posts and Jonesie wants to give mom 4 paws up for consistent and useful help with her Thursday Garden posts and support of the Society of Feline Gardeners.  We think mom can do a better job of making sure all of us get equal time, but we appreciate her efforts.   4 paws

Client Pawticipation- I do have my own email address which is pretty cool for a cat.  I think my furriends can contact me if they want.  4 paws

Pawticipation (part 2)- We don't get to pawticipate in many contests and games and stuff...and mom is horrible about helping me with awards or memes.  2 swats

Client Satisfaction- I sure do hope that our furriends like what they see here and we get lots of fun and wonderful comments from our pals.  4 paws

Overall Rating= 32 paws!  (we won't reveal which one of us withheld paws...)
I know we can't add, but we love our mom and she feeds me cheese....and gives me socks.  You know the important things in life. 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Society of Feline Gardeners- Honoring Annie


Welcome furriends and Garden Society members.  I'm really sad today.  One of our very own members of the Society of Feline Gardeners has gone to The Bridge.  Sweet Annie, we will always remember you.

I'm going to spend the day on the couch instead of the garden.  I know I should be out there...but it's been dumping down rain for days...and it's soggy and yukky.

Grete and Bennette are also staying inside.

So is Cory...oh wait...she ALWAYS stays inside. 

Mom said that this week hasn't been totally filled with sad news.  Our little squirrel furriend that Daddy tried to save actually did alright staying in a cat carrier overnight.   Daddy was able to safely release Mr. Squirrel to the backyard where he promptly scurried WAY up a tree.  He did not chatter evil things at my dad for saving him, which makes him the least evil squirrel on the planet.

I also received my seeds from Renee's seeds in the mail!   It's still too soggy to plant, but I'll be ready to go once it dries out a bit.  I helped my mom with the order and we used code FR227A when checking out so that 25% of our order goes to support United Paws.

Hopefully I'll be back out in the garden next week, but until then, please go visit Annie's family and leave them some much needed purrs. 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tabby Tattletale Tuesday

Hey there, Ginger here!  I was a bit in a swoon yesterday because my sweet Tabby Mancat, Fui, discovered a cool thing.  If we both climb to the top of our cat trees and look REALLY hard...we can see each other! 

Turns out yesterday was a bit of a crazypants day at our place.  My goofy softhearted daddy found a squirrel in trouble.  He thinks it was either grazed by a car or the stupid squirrel fell out of a tree and hit his noggin.  Anyway, it was acting like it had a concussion so daddy scooped in up in a blankie, put it in MY cat carrier and hauled it off to the Audubon Society...where they informed my daddy that it was NOT a "native" squirrel, therefore all they were willing to do is euthanize it.  My daddy said no way to that...I mean if the squirrel had to go to The Bridge...then that's ok, but dad believes the squirrel has a fighting chance.  So...

The squirrel is still in MY cat carrier in MY garage with MY blankie...with some water.  Dad even checked on it and says it looks much better than this morning.

So the plan is...if Mr. or Miss squirrel can be released back in the yard tomorrow and can climb back up in the tree and can chatter mean and awful things at my dad for saving it...then all will be well in the world.  But if Mr. or Miss squirrel can't function tomorrow, then dad will be ok with taking it back to the Audubon Society to be helped to The Bridge.

Mom won't even look at it because she's a total weenie and she will name it and get attached to it...

Easy stomach.

So on to bigger family news!  Yes indeed we have the bestest additions to our family.  Why the bestest?  Because they don't live with us!!!  We have new cousin kitties who were adopted on Saturday. 

Meet the adorable Gracie...

And the precious Cali....

Gracie is 5 months old and Cali is 7 months old and they came from separate rescue groups in California!  Welcome to the family sweet ones!  If you need help sharpening your blogging know who to turn to.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

I know he's not blogging, but I still love him.

Whitey, may your day be filled with mousies and cheese.  I'm singing a special sock song for you today.