Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tabby Tattletale Tuesday

Finally!  Frankie is off to his forever home and I get my blanket back!  I mean I didn't mind him using it or anything like that...I mean I was homeless once too...but it is MY blanket.  So in other happenings, my mom ordered a couple of hammicks, because it was Jonesie's gotchabirthday on the 15th, and little whippersnapper Cory has her birthday coming up on April 1st.   They came in the mail and Cory and Ellie helped mom put them together.  Mom never would have figured it out without them.

Then when mom was putting them in place...little miss "me first" jumps in to claim them...you can see that after all their hard work, Cory and Ellie were stunned...meowless.

I was not surprised.  Bennette on one bed and her nip nanner on the other.  Did I try and sleep on the hammicks?  NO!   Bennette said I was too fat.  The nerve!!!!!

Meanwhile, my silly mom did us all proud this past Friday.  She dashed off to work early, grabbing her coat out of the closet in the dark.  Do you think we told her there was a "da bird" cat toy toy hanging from her belt?  No way!!!  It was too funny! She didn't figure it out until she got on the bus and people were laughing.  Cory was a bit upset missing her toy all day but mom made up for it when she got home.

That's all for now!  Gotta nap!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Momma Meezer Monday

Oh cool!  The presents I ordered for Cory's birthday have arrived!  Jane and Alice packed them purrfectly with the help of their mom.  I can smell their pawprints!

I can hardly stand it!  My little girl wiill be 4 years old on April 1st!  I'm so proud of her I could pop.

Thanks for helping me Bennette.  Check all this out!  Maybe you can help me wrap them in special birthday paper and ribbon?

Oh no!  Bennette, that is not yours.  Do not bunny kick it!  That belongs to my baby.  What will she think of me if I give her pre-kicked toys?

Stop it, you brat!

Grete, thank goodness you are here to break this up and defend Cory's toy.

Uh...Cory...don't worry baby.  I still have one more surprise for you.  Don't mind the Bennette spit on that toy...it's still purrfectly good.

and featuring

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Sunday is a great day to snooze. We are purring for our furriend "Frankie" since he went home with his forever momma yesterday.  We heard that he had a good trip home and he's safely hiding under a bed!  We are sure he'll figure out he's got it made real soon.  We've done the math.  Here, the ratio is 2 humans to 8 kitties and a woofie.  Where Frankie is, it's 2 humans to 1 kitty.  We like those numbers!

Meanwhile, we thoroughly checked out Frankie's new momma and we give her an enthusiastic 2 paws up!  Since "Frankie" was a little too scared, we had to rely on our Walmart Greeter Ellie and her daughter "Miss Licks A Lot" to give her the once over.  She passed our lick test so "Frankie" was good to go.  We are anxiously awaiting more news about how he's doing and what his forever name will be. 

Friday, March 26, 2010

Frankie Friday

My foster mom told me that tomorrow a real mom is coming to meet me.   I've been practicing looking sweet.  I've been dreaming of what she will be like.  I've been watching a whole lot of HGTV learning skills that might help me be useful around the house.  I want her to like me.  What if I act all silly and hide under the couch?

I'll just keep practicing my couch lounging and hope I do ok.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thursday In The Garden With Jonesie

Meow!  My lettuce greens are starting to do something.  I think there might be enough to eat!

I thought today I'd multitask.  Here, I'm pointing out where there is a weed my dad needs to pull.  At the same time, I'm doing an imitation of a very good friend of mine.  Anyone want to guess who it is?

I've been reflecting a lot this past week.  Mom rescued my garden friend "Frankie".  He's been hanging out for awhile.  I actually stood by and watched as mom trapped him.  I saw the whole thing!  I was proud of my mom for taking care of him.  I cared about him but I couldn't get him to the v-e-t myself.  A cat can't do it all.
I was thinking about how I came to the garden, much like Frankie and and probably Nigel and Ginger and Bennette and Cecilia and....sigh.  We live near an apartment complex.  The back corner of our yard borders on the complex.  I'll let you in on a little known secret.  There is a well worn path from the corner of the yard, right into my garden.  You can see the path that many a cat has taken...sometimes just for a day of fun and nip, but for others, the path to getting help when they need it most.  Just like me.

I'm thankful for all that I have and I'm thankful that Frankie is doing fine and will have a new forever home in his future.
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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tabby Tattletale Tuesday

All this fuss over the rescued boy.  Doesn't mom remember that ALL of us were rescues?  Doesn't she remember that I was hungry once?  Doesn't she care?

Apparently not.

Wake me up when he has a new home, ok?

Don't hate me just because I'm adorable...

Monday, March 22, 2010

Mancat Monday

It's been mancat central around here!  I guess that's ok because at least I get the chance to post.  There was excitment in the yard last week when mom caught our furriend, Mr. Blue Eyes.  I've hung out with him before, but not too much.   I prefer to stay inside and hang out with Cecilia.  Cecilia liked to chase him off.   I've heard he's in the house in the "guest suite".

Handing it over to Nigel for the "by the door" report...

I've been hanging out by the door for hours.  I am so curious to see who's there.  I think I may know who it is from my life on the outside, but I'm not sure.  Mom won't let me in to investigate.   Mom let Ellie in the room for about a minute...how fair is that?  Ellie brought our guest a little soccer ball, but then he hissed at her from under the couch.  Ellie pouted. 

I can hardly wait until we can play smackie paws under the door!

Meanwhile...behind the door....
Ah yes, belly rubs!  This is the life!   It took me exactly 72 hours to realize that maybe I did want to come out for a few minutes of love.  Getting trapped was really scary...then I was put in a car and then I went to the v-e-t...and then I got really sleepy and I woke up in a cage and my head hurt and other parts of me were sore...oh what sort of a mess did I get myself into?  Yes 72 hours to realize it wasn't a mess at all.  I don't have to struggle for survival any more.

And the food here isn't so bad...
Pee Ess...mom decided to call me "Frankie" since it sounds better than Mr. Blue Eyes...that is until someone adopts me and then we can decide together.