Saturday, September 6, 2008

Remembering Jonathan

When my momma and I first moved into our new home, there were lots of other cats and a dog living there. We were totally ok with this because we had been living in foster care and there were lots of cats there too (and a dog!).

When I saw Jonathan, I loved him. My momma said he was older than dirt...and as far as we know he was well over 20 years old. He knew everything! He was wise! He was amazing. And...he was the only one who looked like me. He could have said "go away kid", but he took to me too and he taught me everything he knew. I was the kitten he didn't have (he had a little operation to take care of that).

He had been through hard times in his past. He was taken in by my adopted mom long ago when he wandered into their yard, lost and alone. He was a very brave cat. Just before me and my momma showed up he started having health problems. He had high blood pressure (no one knew) and both of his retinas detached, leaving him blind. This didn't stop him, and eventually his retinas reattached (I told you he was amazing) but his sight was a little fuzzy. By the time I was 8 months old he was not doing well at all. I followed him around and stayed with him to the end. I'm posting a couple of pictures of us hanging out, at the table and hanging out in the tub watching the water drip.

I miss him.

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