Friday, September 19, 2008

Goodbye Moose

It's been a hard week. Last night, we lost a neighborhood friend, Moose. Moose isn't his real name, it's what we called him because he was a huge grey and white cat. At least twice as big as me. He hung out in our yard and ate food at our dish. I would see him through the glass door as he snacked on our offerings. We don't know if he had a home or if the neighborhood was his home. So if he had a home he probably had a real name...but to us he was Moose, our friend. No collar, no tag, no neuter....

He was hit and killed by a car at about 10pm Wednesday night. There was a knock on our front door because the person who hit him thought maybe he was from our family. My dad went out and took him out of the street. He is now buried on our backyard. We hope we can find his family if he had one. If not, he's a part of our family.

Rest in peace my friend.

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