Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday- Fierce Fighters Continued

I was all ready to write about the photo hunt theme of the day: Reflection...but as I tried to get my mom to help me find a picture that would work, she kept stalling. The whole thing about Fierce Fighters kept on getting to her. I finally wrote about my brother Michelangelo "Mikey", and my poor mom just couldn't let me stop at one post. She still misses him every minute of every day. He left almost 7 months ago. So I thought I did the 8 random things meme....maybe if I could help my mom do this for Mikey she'd feel better. We're not posting any rules...not tagging anyone this time if anyone just wants to consider themselves tagged, that's ok. This is mostly to make my mom feel better.

1. Mikey was very playful and once he did the major healing from his injuries, he wanted to play just like all the other kitties in the family.
2. Mikey usually had a very worried look on his face. Even when he had nothing to worry about, he just looked worried. It took years for that to go away.
3. Mikey loved to go outside. Because of his injuries, he could only go outside 100% supervised by my mom.
4. Once outside, Mikey loved to roll in the dirt. He loved to turn his beautiful white fur brown. He would complain loudly when it was time to go in and get cleaned up.
5. Mikey would have been a great hunter if he was allowed to stalk birdies and mousies by himself. Having mom a few feet away all the time cramped his style.
6. Mikey always slept with my mom every single night. Even if no one knew where he was in the house, if mom got in bed...he would appear on the bed within 30 seconds.

7. Mikey figured out a unique way to wash his paws. He would flip his paw upside down, so the top of his paw was pressed on the floor, then he'd wash his pads. Once he did this, all of the other kitties in the house did it too...they copied him. No one else did this before Mikey did.8. And most important...Mikey really understood why squirrels are evil. They would torture him because they knew he would never catch them. They'd get close, chatter...Mikey would chatter back...they'd sneak back up on him from underneath the tree branch while he thought they were still up above him....but he always believed that one day he would catch them and eat them.

We love you always and forever, sweet Mikey.


The Island Cats said...

We think we wudda like Mikey if we had known him...we 'specially like the way he washed his paws!

Gemini and Ichiro said...

We think Mikey sounds like a great cat!

Parker said...

Mikey was truely a wonderful cat!

Maggie May said...

I bet Mikey would have been a great friend of ours, if we had ever been so lucky to have met him!
Thank you for the kind purrs for Caddy Caddy!
~The Creek Cats~

Anonymous said...

Oh I wish I had known Mikey! he sounds like such a cool cat!
Miss Cory you are so very good to help your Momma with this.. You know my Momma thinks it's nice to still blog about those who are waiting at the bridge for us, just coz their little bodies are gone does not mean the memories are :))
We loved hearing more about cutie Mikey and I thinks that you should help your Momma any time she feels like talking about any of her beautiful furry angel babies :))
Kind puurrss

Mickey's Musings said...

Mikey sounds like he was a really neat cat!! Thank you foe this meme about him and also his story in the previous post :)
Very often you meet a kitty that is just special!!!
Purrs Mickey

Sassy Kat said...

What a cute little sweetie Mickey was. I really liked finding out about him. I know it is hard when a loved one goes to the bridge. Just get comfort in the fact that Mickey is forever free of illness and with those that went before him to play all day with. Thanks for sharing Mickey with us today.

Forever Foster said...

It's very cute that the other kitties copied Mikey's paw washing technique. He sounds like a very special cat. While your mum keeps his memory alive in her heart, Mikey will always be close, until you're reunited again.

Anonymous said...

Mikey sounded adorable. You must miss him a lot. That's a real fun way to wash paws - do the rest of you still do it dat way?