Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tuxie Tuesday

Bennette here! We got at least 8 inches of snow at our house with a coating of ice to top it off. This picture was taken early in the morning and you can see the lights from our Christmas tree reflected so it looks like we have lights on the outdoor tree.Since it's Christmas and snowy and cold, I'm even being good to our evil squirrels. If you look close you can see the evil squirrel in the bird...I mean squirrel feeder.
We have presents under the tree now, so that means I have to be REALLY good...and I can't try and scratch or chew open the packages. We still are looking forward to Santa filling up our stockings and bringing more presents.

I got a new collar as an early Christmas gift so I can look all spiffy for Santa. I hope he likes it. It's pretty cool. If you biggify the picture you can see the pirate kitty and fish bones on it.

Only 1 more day until Christmas Eve and the roast beast dinner!


Forever Foster said...

That is a wonderful collar, Benette! You look very stylish.

The snow looks so pretty! What a force of nature!:)

Not long now. We can do it! We can be good!

Cat with a Garden said...

Yay, you are going to have a white Christmas! Wonderful! And with that new collar Santa will be impressed...
Our biggest challenge of being good is only ahead: tonight we're all going to drive to were we will be spending Christmas. Chilli HATES the PTU and there will be a real Christmas tree... Uh oh!
Purrs, Siena & Chilli

Parker said...

What a groovin' collar! It's hard not to open the gifts under the tree. We have the same temptation!

Goldie, Shade and Banshee said...

What a very pretty collar!! You will be all set for when the big guy comes by tomorrow!!!

Your yard looks very pretty. Ours looks the same way right now. The beans don't like it but I kind of do as long as I don't have to go out too far!

Purrs Goldie

The Creek Cats said...

We just love your new collar, Bennette!! It sure is a winter wonderland around your place. It is supposed to be 67 degrees here tomorrow. It was 33 yesterday. Our mom wishes the weather would just make up it's mind already.
Our mom has given your guys mom an award. Stop by our bloggie and pick it up sometime!

Anonymous said...

Oh Benette your collar is very sassy and i am sure will get many praises! :)
We thinks they should use your backyard for the Winter Wonderland picture they are so nice!
It is going to be hard not to touch the pressie! But I knowz you can do it :)


Anonymous said...

I bigified the picture and that collar is pawsome! I fink you'll look very smart indeedy for Santa!

And da snow is incredible. Alfie and I have never seen snow (cos Alfie is just a baby and I'm a big boy of 9 months)as did is our first winter ever.

Anonymous said...

That's a nice collar, Benette! I love pirate stuff! You are so lucky to have a white Christmas!

The Island Cats said...

Wow! It's a winter wonderland! And Bennette...your collar is pawsome! We love the pirate kitties!

We never have presents under the tree cuz we have no self-control...

Everycat said...

That is indeed a spiffy collar, you are looking all set for Christmas Bennette. That's very charitable of you to be nice to the squirrels. But really, 8" of snow is way too much for you lot. Far too much, how about we take some of it away for you, you wouldn't want a snow overdose would you?

Whicky Snowless Wuudler



DP Blogger ate our comments!

Your new collar looks purrfect on you, that color is just fabulous on you.

The snow and the ice look so pretty outside, and it's good that you are inside and can just look at it.

Only a few more naps and then Santa paws will be here...not much longer to stay good.


Daisy said...

That collar is cool!

Anonymous said...

What a neato-o collar, Bennette! It sure is getting harder and harder to be good, isn't it?

We are trying too be nice to Evil Squirrel, too. It has been very cold here and we want him to stay nice and warm and well fed so we can do our Mighty Hunter adventure with him when the weather is better.

Angel MoMo and Charlotte said...

Your place looks magical!!!!! Can't believe it's real. It doesn't ever snow where I live.

Zippy, Sadie, Speedy and M'Gee said...

That really is a spiffy collar. We can't wait fur Santa to get here...just one more day and we can be good fur dat long...maybe

Whimpurr said...

Bennette you look wonderful and I just know that Santa is going to bring you all sorts of goodies!

LOVE THAT SNOW!!! You can keep the ice though! ;o) *purrs and Merry Christmas*

Shelly said...


I love your new collar, very cool! You look like my Max except you have a bit more white. His face is all black. I just found your family's blog today. I will have to add it to my blog list. THere are eight cats and a dog in my house. The dog, Ginger, thinks she's a cat too!